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Photo: Educators and ESS in discussion The ASVAB Career Exploration Program employs both civilian and military personnel to assist you.

Image: Counselor talking to student Info for Educators and Counselors
Administering the Program

Administering the ASVAB is similar to administering any standardized achievement test.

The ASVAB Program is free of charge to participating schools. A test administrator is provided for each test session.

One of the strengths of the ASVAB Program is the extensive support network that is available to you. Education Services Specialists are civilian U.S. Department of Defense employees with training and experience in education and testing. These educational professionals work with schools and counselors to help ensure that schools and students get the most out of the ASVAB Program. They provide training in explaining ASVAB and FYI scores, assist with the mechanics of the testing arrangements, and support counselors who use the ASVAB Program in their schools. These specialists are the primary local contacts. They also are available to speak at school functions such as assemblies, career fairs, and PTA and other parent meetings.

Contact an Education Services Specialist by calling 1-800-323-0513 if you would like to schedule a test date at your school, ask questions about other aspects of the ASVAB Program, or receive printed copies of program materials. You may also choose to download the materials from the resource list located to the right.

Print out the FACT Sheets on the right and use them as handouts to help inform students, parents, and school faculty about the ASVAB Program.

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